Terms and prices

In accordance with the regulations issued by The Competition Authority our clients are fully informed in advance of the basis on which we calculate our fees:

Fees will as a starting point - and for the most part – depend on the number of hours worked in each case.
Our guideline hourly rates are in the area NOK 1 600 to NOK 3 900 + vat depending on the character and complexity of the case. We reserve the right to deviate from the minimum fee (both less and more than) shown in the hourly rates.

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The applicable hourly rate applied to individual assignments will depend on the scope and complexity of the work, the values and interests the case concerns, the result achieved and so forth.

The hourly rate that will be the basis for the calculation of fees for the assignment will be agreed prior to commencement. Disbursements incurred in connection with the work will be charged.

The calculation of hours worked is based on a minimum charge of 15 minutes for each period of work commenced.

We emphasise that no assignments are deemed to have been accepted by us prior to the issuance of a written order confirmation.

Criminal cases The court pays the defence counsel’s fees in the majority of cases if an indictment has been issued in the case. The court always pays fees in connection with remand in custody. For assistance in connection with an investigation (prior to an indictment being issued) the client must in most cases pay lawyers fees. If a criminal case is shelved, the previous accused can apply for a refund of his legal fees from the public purse.

Free legal aid /free representation In special cases, and under the precondition that the client’s income and or assets is/are not above a certain level, free legal aid may be obtainable, i.e. that the public purse pays most of the fees and costs.

The Act relating to free legal aid is available at lovdata.no.

Insurance cover We draw attention to that some cases can be covered in part by insurance companies under legal aid cover that is included in the majority of home insurance policies.

Further information on this is available at The Ministry of Justice (at regjeringen.no).

Acceptance of assignments An assignment is not accepted by us until we have issued a written order confirmation and any agreed advance fee has been paid. In cases where a lawyer is appointed by a court, the case is deemed to be accepted when the court pronounces the appointment. We do not accept any responsibility or liability for following up a case until the assignment has been accepted.

Professional and ethical guidelines We operate in accordance with The Norwegian Bar Association’s rules of professional conduct  and the ethical guidelines for Defence Counsels