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We have one of the largest criminal law for business enterprises in Norway.

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Cases can either be companies that have had a fine or similar imposed by the prosecuting authorities pursuant to the rules on fines and seizure/confiscation relevant to enterprises or companies that wish to pursue a private criminal case in which they are the injured party.

It has become more usual that the prosecuting authorities pursue companies when there is a suspicion that one or more individuals has or have committed a punishable offence. This can be extremely detrimental to the company concerned, not solely due to the imposed fine, but also in relation to the loss of reputation and consequences under public law, such as a ban on participating in bid competitions and so forth.

Corporate punishment is something that can be imposed, but is not a mandatory result. We represent some of Norway’s largest enterprises, both private and public, and have specialised in matters relating to corporate punishment in all Norwegian law courts.

We are also very aware that the police often shelve criminal cases due to lack of capacity where to pursue these in a criminal court would be a major advantage to the public good. Such cases can, to a certain degree, be dealt with by the courts at the request of the company involved, and in such case we take the role of prosecutor. Examples of such cases are theft, embezzlement, disloyalty or blackmail that are not pursued by the public prosecution service for economic reasons.

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