Advokatfirmaet Elden DA is built on the basis of judicial process before the law courts as the keystone of our practice.

The vast majority of cases we deal with are therefore related to legal assistance in both civil and criminal cases before the law courts or cases where as a last resort a dispute must be settled in a court of law.

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Our experience, which encompasses intimate knowledge of the means and options we can utilise if a case must be taken to the extreme through legal action, is a key factor in the provision of the best possible advice and service in the phase prior to legal action being initiated. This applies equally to a civil opponent and to the police and prosecuting authorities.

We view judicial process as a highly specialised area, and for this reason we place great emphasis in ensuring that we have specialised expertise in both civil and criminal law procedure.

All the company’s lawyers and assistant lawyers in the company have extensive experience from conducting cases before the law courts.

Please refer to the list on employees for details of the individual employee and their specialised fields.

Our specialists

John Christian Elden

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Anders Brosveet

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Thomas Berge

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Håkon Juell Hassel

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Hugo Rolf Hansen

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Hanne Wold Johannesen

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Erik Ulvesæter

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Tony A. Vangen

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Svein Kjetil Svendsen

Lawyer Stavanger 450 20 572 Read more

Bjørn Kvernberg

Lawyer Stavanger 952 41 212 Read more

Arnt Angell

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Siw Skatvedt Lund

Lawyer Elverum 404 21 777 Read more

Marte Sandengen

Lawyer Bergen 405 57 974 Read more

Pål Jakob Aasen

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Ellen Tvedten Jorem

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