Max Henrik Jespersen

LAWYER & partner

Lawyer Max Henrik Jespersen works in particular in procedure in criminal law and mental health care legislation.

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He also works in the specialist fields contract law, trade and business law, industrial relations legislation, property law, planning and construction law, administrative law and civil procedure.

Lawyer Jespersen has specialised experience in legislation governing personal and patient injury compensation and the law of damages as well as broad expertise in family law, inheritance and probate law.

Lawyer Jespersen also handles publicly appointed tasks as guardian for
private persons.

He has been with the company since 2013.


Telephone+47 21 61 13 88
Cell phone+47 932 31 374
Education2005 Cand. jur., Universitetet i Oslo
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Work experience

2013 - Partner i Advokatfirmaet Elden DA
2012 - 2013Partner i Forretningsadvokatene DA, styreformann 2008-2011 Fast advokat i Forretningsadvokatene DA
2007 - 2008Advokatfullmektig i Forretningsadvokatene DA
2005 - 2007Advokatfullmektig i Advokatene Launy & Co
2004 - Trainee, Gram, Hambro og Garman Advokatfirma AS


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