General law

The company employs lawyers with experience in the majority of areas of law, with the exception of specialised business or corporate law advice in situations where a dispute has not yet arisen.

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This means that we do not advise on matters relating to tax arrangements, but that we do accept assignments concerning complaints or legal action relating to assessed tax rulings.

We therefore also offer assistance in areas not given special mention under the heading “our areas of work”.

On initial contact by telephone, letter, e-mail or personal attendance, information will be provided regarding the name of the co-worker(s) that may be assigned to a particular case.

The extent of our professional environment means that our lawyers can and often do consult with colleagues and work as a team when this is desirable or necessary on the basis of the scope of the case or a combination of areas of law.

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Child services

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Real estate

A number of disputes arise in connection with fixed property, and several of our employees and colleagues have experience in dealing with cases of this type. Cases may for example concern faults or deficiencies identified after a property was purchased, where area measure or damage through damp often figure. Disputes about rent or lease charges/payment, either on behalf of the property owner or on behalf of the tenant or lessee are amongst the cases we deal with.

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Family law

Several of the company’s employees and colleagues have specialised themselves in family law matters. Amongst the areas we work in are cases concerning the custody of children, divorce and break up of cohabitation and cases concerning visitation rights. The lawyers in the specialist group have considerable experience and offer clients a high standard of professional services both in and out of court.

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Our specialists

John Christian Elden

Lawyer Oslo 909 30 775 Read more

Karen Forbrigd

Lawyer Oslo 950 47 448 Read more

Anders Brosveet

Lawyer Oslo 920 35 100 Read more

Thomas Berge

Lawyer Oslo 970 02 700 Read more

Monica Thon Nygaard

Lawyer Sandefjord 926 15 649 Read more

Thomas Randby

Lawyer Oslo 928 03 013 Read more

Bjørn Rudjord

Lawyer Oslo 926 06 062 Read more

Nadia Christina Hall

Lawyer Oslo 908 45 990 Read more

Arild Holden

Lawyer Oslo 926 16 089 Read more

Henrik Bliksrud

Lawyer Oslo 911 82 591 Read more

Gunhild Bergan

Lawyer Oslo 920 29 810 Read more

Lars Christian Sunde

Lawyer Oslo 975 07 550 Read more

Håkon Juell Hassel

Lawyer Oslo 936 86 169 Read more

Solveig Høgtun

Lawyer Oslo 901 25 390 Read more

Mette-Julie Sundby

Lawyer Oslo 951 67 745 Read more

Sidsel Katralen

Lawyer Gol 924 26 095 Read more

Gøran Møller Christiansen

Lawyer Oslo 944 03 348 Read more

Sol Elden

Lawyer Oslo 905 85 158 Read more

Marion Haaland

Lawyer Oslo 920 20 771 Read more

Linda Ellefsen Eide

Lawyer Oslo 406 01 048 Read more

Per Magne Kristiansen

Lawyer Bergen 46501577 Read more

Hugo Rolf Hansen

Lawyer Oslo 915 45 671 Read more

Sindre Reimers Rising

Lawyer Oslo 920 10 313 Read more

Max Henrik Jespersen

Lawyer Oslo 932 31 374 Read more

Jostein Løken

Lawyer Elverum 986 37 372 Read more

Hanne Wold Johannesen

Lawyer Sandefjord 95060268 Read more

Torbjørn Kolås Sognefest

Lawyer Bergen 905 00 733 Read more

Erik Ulvesæter

Lawyer Bergen 928 11 680 Read more

Tony A. Vangen

Lawyer Oslo 906 80 341 Read more

Nora Hallén

Lawyer Oslo 951 67 202 Read more

Cecilia Dinardini

Lawyer Sandefjord 478 11 646 Read more

Ingvild Boe Hornburg

Lawyer Oslo 997 91 340 Read more

Ulrik Sverdrup-Thygeson JR.

Lawyer Oslo 936 20 876 Read more

Svein Kjetil Svendsen

Lawyer Stavanger 450 20 572 Read more

Jannicke Keller-Fløystad

Lawyer Bergen 997 43 085 Read more

Kim Ellertsen

Lawyer Oslo 997 23 515 Read more

Rasmus D. Woxholt

Lawyer Oslo 911 29 186 Read more

Bjørn Kvernberg

Lawyer Stavanger 952 41 212 Read more

Arnt Angell

Lawyer Oslo 916 46 005 Read more

Fabian Stang

Lawyer Oslo 90070300 Read more

Ida Andenæs

Lawyer Oslo 926 06 874 Read more

Halvor Dahle Meland

Lawyer Elverum 404 41 614 Read more

Siw Skatvedt Lund

Lawyer Elverum 404 21 777 Read more

Inger Zadig

Lawyer Oslo 995 33 185 Read more

Marte Sandengen

Lawyer Bergen 405 57 974 Read more

Geir Michael Enberg Jesinsky

Lawyer Sandefjord 992 66 889 Read more

Pål Jakob Aasen

Deputy lawyer Elverum 93 69 42 01 Read more

Ellen Tvedten Jorem

Deputy lawyer Oslo 95 47 76 43 Read more